How do I send you the information to complete the proof?

All of our templates are editable by the buyer/purchaser.  A link will come to the email address associated with the order that will take you to the editable templates.  The templates will be in your account for up to 7 months, allowing you to save and come back later to the templates.  We do not complete editing services unless an additional listing is purchased with the template files.  

Okay, I understand now!  Do you offer editing services?

We do offer editing services on a first come first serve basis for $10 per template for single invitations, RSVPs, Information Cards, Wedding Signs, and Menus.  For seating charts and place card designs, these take us longer, so please message us for custom quotes.


How do I receive my files from Templett?

Once a listing is purchased, a link will be sent to the email address associated with the order. The link will take you to the Templett site where you can access the files purchased. If you do not receive the link, you can also login by going to the link below and logging in with the order number and email address associated with the order:


What part of the files is editable?

The only part of the files that are not editable are the graphics and the color of the graphics. All the text is editable as well as the layout and color of the text.


Can I use the template to create other designs?

The template can only be used for the design purchased.  It cannot be made to complete any other designs.  Any other designs made with the template purchased will be revoked. 


How many times can the template be used?

The template is good for one use only (unless it is one of our unlimited signs where multiple signs can be created) and is available for 6 months from the date of purchase. In such case where the template is being used for anything other than the stated purchased design, the additional template that was not purchased will be revoked.


Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we offer printing services from two print partners. Each printing partner offers various papers and envelope colors.  We can provide quotes for both printing partners. Please message for more information regarding printing quotes.


Do you accept custom orders?

We accept a limited number of custom orders a month. Please message us for availability.